Sunday, 9 March 2014

Seven Secrets to Weight Loss

Many of us would like to be slimmer. As obesity becomes an increasingly common problem, we are more aware of the health risks associated with being overweight. As well as the health risks, there are the emotional problems associated with being overweight, such as:

  • feeling self-conscious about the way you look
  • avoiding social situation and new relationships
  • being unable to find any clothes you want to wear
  • feeling breathless and tired
  • worrying about being judged by others or being a bad role model to your children
We know that in order to lose weight we need to eat fewer calories and exercise more. However, we can often find it difficult to apply these strategies. Why is this? What stops you from losing weight and being your ideal size and shape? The problem lies within our own minds. 

The good news is that these problems can be overcome and you can gain control of your eating habits, your exercise and ultimately your weight.

Over the years working as a hypnotherapist, helping many people to lose weight, I have discovered the following seven secrets to weight loss.

Secret 1 – Have a clear goal in your mind

People often say “I want to be slimmer.” However, without a clearly defined goal, it is difficult to ever achieve this. Make a specific weight loss goal and apply a time frame to it.

For example, “I am going to lose twenty pounds by July.”

We are much more likely to reach a goal if it is clear in our minds. A great way is to find a photo of yourself at your perfect weight, or else, a celebrity you would like to look like. Then, put this photo somewhere you will see it frequently. This helps to get the goal firmly embedded in your mind. In addition to this, write out your weight loss goal and read it back to yourself each day. This increases your focus and determination by a huge amount. Research shows that you are more likely to achieve your goal if you make it public. So, if you are comfortable with doing so, then tell family and friends about it.

Secret 2 – A simple way to increase your determination

If you are struggling to stay motivated, this technique is wonderful. It is best done in hypnosis but can be done without. First of all write a list of all the ways your life will be better when you are slim. Write as many things down as you can think of. Then, write a list of all the consequences if you do not lose weight. List all of the detrimental effects that being overweight will have on your health, emotions, relationships and everything else.

Once you have done that enter hypnosis or simple get yourself into a relaxed state. A free guide to entering hypnosis is available here.

Then really imagine your life if you do not make the changes. Make it as real and vivid as possible. Then imagine how good your life will be when you do lose weight.

Secret 3 – A diet that works for you

It is so important to have a diet that works for you. This sounds obvious, but often people just use the latest fad diet. Spend some time researching different diet plans. Notice the differences between them. Perhaps ask friends who have lost weight, which diet they used. It could even be worth working with a nutritionist to develop your perfect diet plan.

Secret 4 – Exercise you enjoy

There is such a range of exercise available. If you hate the gym, don’t plan to lose weight by going to the gym. Find an exercise that suits you. Think about what you like. Do you prefer being indoors or outside? Do you prefer to exercise alone or to go to classes? Also think about which exercises you can easily fit into your life. If you used to enjoy exercise, but have found that over the years you find it difficult to motivate yourself, think about how you originally started to like it. Then, follow that same path again.

Secret 5 – Identify which needs you are fulfilling

There are many reasons why we eat. Of course, we eat to satisfy hunger. However, we also eat for reasons such as:


To be sociable


As a reward

To feel happier


A good way to identify which needs food is fulfilling, is to keep a food diary. As well as recording what you eat, record WHY you eat. Once you have identified the needs you are satisfying by eating, you can find other ways of satisfying those needs.

Secret 6 – Changing ‘All or Nothing’ thinking

All or Nothing thinking is a very common negative thinking pattern among people who struggle to lose weight. A good example of this is when you are eating healthily for weeks and losing weight. Then you have some chocolate and think, “that’s it the diet is ruined, I may as well each another three bars of chocolate.”

Sound familiar?  Lapses do happen. When they occur it is important not to beat yourself up too much. See each lapse in isolation and find what you can learn from it to stop it from happening again.

Secret 7 – Changing limiting beliefs

If you were asked why you are not your ideal weight what would your answer be? The following answers are all examples of limiting beliefs:

·         I’ve always been fat

·         I don’t have time to cook good food and exercise

·         I’ve had children

·         I will lose weight when I get more time

Any reason you state as a reason why you have not yet achieved your perfect body, is a limiting belief. Limiting beliefs are usually false and not based on real evidence. Once you have identified these limiting beliefs you can find more logical ways of thinking. A great blog for finding out more about weight loss and fitness is

By applying these seven secrets you can greatly improve your chances of success. I can work with you on a one to one basis in my therapy centre, using hypnotherapy. If you would like a free initial consultation get in touch on or 07725255896. You can also download the Hypnosis for Weight Loss MP3 here.

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