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Your Wealthy Mind

Your Wealthy Mind

Money is a big issue in many people’s lives. It is one of the areas of life, where many of us feel unfulfilled. It is not just about fancy cars, big houses and status symbols. Money also brings freedom. 
It brings freedom from worry, freedom to choose whether or not to work, freedom to travel, freedom to do what you want on your terms and freedom to make the best choices for your children.
Money is not the key to happiness and it does not solve all our problems. However, it does help to give more choice, alleviate worry and solves a lot of problems.

However, many people struggle with this area of their lives, often because they have distorted thinking patterns and behaviours when it comes to wealth.
These are very interesting, as they are often in conflict with each other.

We develop a lot of our thinking patterns as children. Did you ever hear any of the following phrases when you were growing up?
·         Money doesn’t make you happy
·         You can’t always have what you want
·         Rich people are greedy and arrogant
·         There is a finite amount of money in the world, so if one person gets more money, it means that another person loses it.

If we grow up with these sorts of beliefs ingrained in our subconscious mind, it is no wonder we struggle when it comes to money. We are constantly in conflict with ourselves. One part of us wants financial freedom and choices. Another part believes all the negative statements we have heard, and actively avoids wealth.

To become wealthy you must challenge and overcome these negative beliefs. Notice any negative beliefs you have about money and challenge them. Think of examples which prove those beliefs to be incorrect. Examine how logical some of those beliefs actually are.

However, it takes more than thoughts to make changes to our finances. We must also take action. Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone and make the necessary changes. To order to make those changes, you need to associate pleasure with making those changes and becoming wealthy. You also need to associate pain with staying where you are financially.

A good way to do this is a technique called the Dicken’s Pattern.
Get yourself into a wonderful relaxed state and close your eyes. Now imagine how your life will be if you do not make changes to your financial life.
·         Which problems will be worse a few years down the line?
·         What will you miss out on in life?
·         How will you feel about missing out on these things?
·         What will you worry about?
·         What effects will worrying have on your physical and mental well being?
·         How will your time be limited?
·         What effect will this have on your relationships?

Really elaborate on this. Consider all the negative consequences of not having the wealth you desire. Feel the pain associated with this. Feel all the emotions and allow them to get stronger.

This allows you to really experience the pain associated with staying where you are in life.

As I said above, we are motivated away from pain and towards pleasure in life. Now you have experienced the pain associated with staying where you are, let’s experience the pleasure.

In the same way as you did before, get yourself into a nice relaxed state with your eyes closed. Now imagine how your life will be different when you are very wealthy. Experience;
·         what you will be doing
·         what you are wearing
·         where you are
·         the things you own
·         if and where you work
·         what you do in your spare time
·         where you live
·         what  you eat
·         how you can help those you love
·         how you can learn new things and work on your own personal development

Take a lot of time to do this. Make it as real and vivid as possible. Enjoy this exercise, it is a lot of fun. This exercise, The Dicken’s Pattern, allows you to really connect with the pain and the pleasure, which motivates you to make changes in your life.

It is wonderful to increase your motivation to make changes in your life. However, all the motivation in the world won’t make a difference unless you take action. The next step is goal setting. Having defined goals, is crucial to your success, in any area of your life. A vague goal such as “I want to be rich,” is simply not good enough. It doesn’t focus your attention enough. Design a goal which is specific and has defined time frame.
For example,
“I will have $1,000,000.00 in the bank before my 40th birthday.”
 This goal, with a specific amount and time, increases your focus. Make your goal big. You’ll be a lot more motivated to make a million dollars than you would be to earn an extra $20,000 per year.
In addition to having a specific time orientated goal, attach an emotion to the goal.
 For example,
“I am very excited to have $1,000,000.00 in the bank before my 40th birthday.”

Once you have your goal, write it down and read it aloud every day. I know this sounds a little weird! However, a high proportion of very successful people attribute their success to goal setting in this way. It’s important that you see your goal written down and also hear yourself saying it aloud. This allows you to experience the goal through two of your senses.

Now take at least one action every day which brings you closer to your goal. 

This is an incredibly broad subject and there is so much more to be discussed about the psychology of wealth. To find out more, I thoroughly recommend the following resources:

·         The Success Principles by Jack Canfield
·         Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
·         Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
·         YouTube videos of Tony Robbins and wealth

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