Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A Balancing Act - How to achieve balance in modern life.

This topic is one particularly close to my heart. This month I have been working long hours, looking after my two daughters on their Summer holidays, while at the same time trying to find time to do some exercise and see friends. As for keeping my house clean....... it's fair to say Channel 5 could do a documentary about the state of it!
I've been feeling quite overwhelmed by the amount I have to fit in to  typical week. I'm sure I'm not alone as these feelings are familiar to many of you.
On one particularly hectic day, I remembered a wonderful technique, which is used a lot in Life Coaching. This is the Wheel Of Life. It is great for helping you to see things in perspective and to identify your priorities.
First of all, draw a circle, divide it into sections and write a different area of your life in each section. The below is just an example. You know what is important to you.

The next step to assess how much attention you are giving to each area of the wheel, and score each area of the wheel from zero to ten. Ten being the all your attention and zero being none.
Now review each area and decide how much attention you would like to give each area. The object is not to give all parts equal attention but to establish what is important to you.
Where there are discrepancies between the two scores, take some action to change things.

This simple technique is a great way to review where you are in life and to put you back in control.

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